Andy Cho
Product Designer at WePay / Based in SF Bay Area / Statistics, B.S.
Previously at BCG Digital Ventures / Repairsmith
Hey! I’m Andy Cho — I'm currently a product designer based in San Francisco, CA. Within design, my passions lie in bringing concepts from ideation all the way to thoughtful and impactful solutions, as well as leading teams to work better together. I enjoy the collaborative nature of design; whether it be large organizations or small teams, I’ve found the process to be most rewarding when different-minded people can listen to each other.

Formally, I studied statistics and data analysis. Though it wasn't the most traditional path into design, it gave me the skills to formalize how people interpret what they observe and how they arrive at conclusions about worldly phenomena. Today, design is my perfect marriage of right- and left-brain, and I’m thrilled to bring in some fresh creativity to problem-solving and design thinking.

When things are a bit more chill, you can find me discovering old school jams, searching for the best al pastor tacos, or trying out that old/new recipe from J. Kenji López-Alt.